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RSGEX Module

RSGEX Description

The RSGEX Dual Switch Controller is high current switch controller compatible with most R/C receivers. The controller provides two open-collector outputs which can be used to operate relays, solenoids, valves or just about any weapon hardware. Since it is completely solid-state, there are no moving parts to fail during combat as with linkage mechanisms connected to servos.


  • Opto-isolated R/C Channel Input
  • Built-In hystersis input insure no false triggers
  • Automatic Detection of R/C Signal Loss
  • Dual Independently Controlled Outputs (either normally open or close)
  • Each Output is rated to 60V, 3A
  • Runs off 12V.


Pricing: $39.00

A great module for your fighting robot is sometimes all it takes

RSGTX – the best motor out there

RSGTX Description

The RSGTX is a dual motor controller and comes fully assembled. This controller is RSG’s third-generation motor controller. It’s small and comes in a tough extruded aluminum case. The controller interfaces to standard R/C receivers. Two mixing options are available, plus a third channel and/or SPST input for reversing or swapping motor outputs if your robot is flipped. Over-current control logic prevents meltdowns and provides the maximum current even under stalled conditions.

Two Mixing Options Single/Car
Two/Tank Stick Steering
Three Opto-isolated Inputs (2 – Steering, 1 – Invert) Yes
Adjustable Trim & Span Yes
MOSFET H-Bridge Count 24 (12 per h-bridge)
Over-Temperature Protection Yes
Motor Voltage 15V – 24V
Single Motor Current Rating 60A Continuous
Single Motor Current Rating Over 300A Pulsed
Single Supply 15V-24V
Case Dimensions 6.0L X 4.2W X 1.5H
Extruded Aluminum

Pricing: $350.00


RSGPX review


The RSGPX is a combination of a receiver battery eliminator; a RSGEX, dual switch controller, and two adjustable power supplies all in one package. The RSGPX removes the need for a separate battery for the R/C receiver and any other accessories your robot may require.The RSGPX comes fully assembled. Like the RSGEX, the RSGPX, interfaces to standard R/C receivers.


Built-In hystersis input insure no false triggers
Automatic Detection of R/C Signal Loss
Dual Independent Outputs (normally open or closed)
Open-Collector Output Rating
60V, 3A
5V Output Supply Rating
5V, 1A
Two Adjustable Regulated DC Outputs
14V-1.5V, 1A Each
4.3″ L x 2.6″ W x 0.625″ H

Pricing: $59.00

This amazing piece of hardware for robotic kits is great if you want to have a lot of fun building and using your robots