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How to go about buying a new robot?

Considering buying a new robot toy? But there are so many to choose from! In this short article, we outline how to choose one in under 15 minutes! First, you need to consider what exactly you have in mind. There are many different robots and building kits out there and some may be too expensive, too cheap, too difficult or too easy for you. Do these 3 easy steps to get the best robot for you or someone else!

1. Who is the robot for?

Are you buying to someone who is already skilled in programming? Or is this a gift to your nephew who is yet to build his first robot? Consider this as you choose. There are robots of all dificulties out there. There are lego robots, buildable robotic kits, robots that already come assembled, programmable robots or combinations of these. If you’re buying the robot for yourself, try to read descriptions of the actual robots or ask in communities. You can even reach out to manufactureres! If you’re buying it for someone else, try to think about what they might like. If they are more of a hands-on engineering type, a buildable robots with simple controls might be the best choice. If they’re more tech savvy and like programming, there are robots just for that! You can discover more about robotics choices for robot building

 2. Check the price

You can easily pay 500$ for a robot. And you can easily get one for 50 that doesn’t work as he is supposed to. It is of course natural that more difficult robots with more functions are more expensive. So what is the ideal range? It depends on the age of the person who’s going to be using the robot and their skills. When it comes to me, I wouldn’t spend less than 70-80$ for a robot but I wouldn’t really go over 400$ either. You can get good programmable robots with many functions for 200-300$.

3. Consider other factors

I have a friend who has three children. One of them, a boy of 12, wanted a robot last Christmas. The other kids didn’t seem interested in robotics and wished for other toys. But as soon as they saw the robot walking around on Christmas morning, all they wanted was their own robot, for which, of course my friend didn’t have money for that and the kids already had other presents anyway. In the end, trying to be  good parent, he said to his son to lend his new robot toy to his siblings. This of course didn’t suit well with the boy, since his siblings got toys of their own for Christmas. Before buying an expensive thing like a robot for your children, make it clear to them that they need to share the toy or make up their minds about it beforehand. Another thing to take into consideration are pets who might get scared of the walking mechanical toy and possibly damage it.

If you are still uncertain about what to get, feel free to browse other blogs. For example, this site offers comprehensive advice on robot building and programming. + There are hundreds of blogs and thousands of people who are passionate about robotics and are glad to help. You can reach out to magazines, forums or Facebook groups!


These are mi tips for getting a cool robot toy. If you have tips of your own, leave a comment!