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Questions and Answers


Can the RSGSC 24V & 36V controllers handle the higher voltage produced by fully charged Nicad battery packs?

Yes, the RSGSC-24 and -36 have maximum supply voltages of 35v and 50V, respectively.

What is the proper wiring diagram for a 24V (two 12V batteries) RSGSC controller?

Here is the schematic.

Can the RSGSC interface to a single battery?

Yes, the RSGREG-12 is a 12V regulator and can be used to supply the 12V supply voltage. Here is the schematic. The RSGREG is available upon request to RSGMC and RSGSC owners.

Do you have any examples of how to use the RSGEX?

Here is a schematic of the RSGEX being used to drive a pair of relays. In turn, the relays drive a weapons motor.